The Best Way to Clean Your Carpet, Upholstery and Drapery


Carpet cleaning experts add a touch of professionalism when they handle the carpet cleaning process.   Their cleaning package contains also the cleaning of air ducts, upholstery, grout within tiles and draperies.   Different cleaners handle these duties differently.   They also have different equipment choices.

Steam cleaning and dry-cleaning form the popular methods currently being implemented in the cleaning process.   For steam cleaning, there has to be hot water and a cleaning solution, where these are pumped into the carpet to clean it out.   This machine has brushes that will rub the solution into the layers of your carpet.   A vacuum wand then sucks out the water.   This water contains the dirt previously present in the carpet.   The damp carpet will need drying, which can take different times depending on how much water was used, and how much of it was removed.   Normally, such a carpet should not be used on the same day.

Dry cleaning, on the other hand, requires very little water.   It involves the use of special chemicals to clean the carpet.   After the cleaning is through, the solutions evaporate off the carpet.

There is a new method of Carpet Cleaning Ogden called encapsulation.   In this method, crystals are applied to the carpet, which traps dirt particles, and then vacuuming takes these loaded crystals away from the carpet.   No water means no need to dry the carpet, thus the immediate use of it.

The the challenge in duct cleaning is how to bring out the dirt in those ducts.   It will be pointless to hire an expert who will not have the necessary tools to reach into these ducts.   The should not miss a powerful machine or long hoses to actually get the job done.   It would be pointless for them to say they cleaned your ducts, when all they did was vacuum the space around them.

Most of them will clean your upholstery and drapery using steam cleaning methods, while a few resort to dry cleaning.   They use the same machines for the carpets, where they move the wand over the dirty surfaces.   The challenge with this method comes when the drapery need to be pressed.

It seems like a long time since anyone had to shampoo their carpet.   In this method, shampoo was applied to the carpet, then rinsed out and the water extracted from the carpet.   It was not a uniform method, with different results produced every time.   These shampoos trapped dirt rather quickly, meaning the carpet could not stay dry for long.

It is more economical for you to view all these Upholstery Cleaning Ogden areas as one package, and asking for quotations from these professional cleaners.   Since they shall come to your house, there won't be any transport expenses.   This way, you won't pay such a high price to get your house looking spotlessly clean.